60 rue de Verneuil - 75007 Paris

Open on Thursday to Saturday from 12 - 7 PM and by appointment

+33 6 58 51 89 15

Arrogant Verneuil, a new project of the owners of Los Enamorados Ibiza, Pierre Traversier and Rozemarijn de Witte.

It’s a space to inspire. In the seventh Arrondissement, ‘le quartier des antiquaires’, we created a new quirky world full of beautiful things.
A collection very much to our own taste. For us to share, for you to wonder.

It’s a universe on human scale. It’s an open house on occasion. It’s a store of thousand and one night.
It’s a gallery without white walls and with an old soul. Former gallery, named Epoca of the legendary and interesting Mony Liz Einstein. 
A space in which we hope you will be inspired.

In the gallery you can find all we love and that we collect from all over the world. From vintage and contemporary furniture to funky shoes, from handmade ceramics to beautiful knitwear, from carpets to sculptures etc.

The name is 'a clin d’oeil'.

Works by

Klaas Gubbels

Frank Visser

Theis Wendt

Pieke Bergmans

Piet Hein Eek


Agnes Studio


Dusty Deco

Tom Dixon

Halo Edition

Helle Mardahl

Louise Moestrop


Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt

Nana Anderson

Charlotte Kingsnorth

Michel Berard

Lucien Bénière

Annie Fourmanoir

Dirk Jensma

Gerard Bovenberg

Atelier Sommarti

Roland Topor

Samuel Francois

Lies Mus

Moniek Postma

Renzo Serafini